Different Types of Ear Piercings and Cute Piercing Ideas with Images

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There are quite a few different types of ear piercings an individual can have done. You can view various ways to pierce your ears and the various types of earrings you can get by referring to an ear-piercing chart. There are quite a few ear piercings such as a cartilage piercing and helix piercing among many other choices. It is difficult to decide the exact piercing to meet your needs, so I have created this handy guide for you.

About Ear Piercing

You have several choices and types of ear piercings that you can get. Some of them will require a longer aftercare treatment, be a little bit more painful to get, and have various healing times. You need to research all the different piercings to determine if it’s one that you want to have done.

In general, you want to have a piercing done that showcases your own individual style, so you stand out in the crowd.You should not get something that everyone else has, you should really get something that appeals to you because it’s an individual experience. We are going to review several types of ear piercings, so you know exactly what you’re getting into when you have this done.

Types Of Ear Piercings

Here are 14 types of ear piercings with images.

Helix Piercing

When you have this sort of puncture done to your ears, it is the odor top ear that will be punctured. You may decide to have a single helix puncturing, or you might decide to get a double one with a couple of openings or even a triple one that has three piercings. It’s really up to you to decide the type of piercing that you want.

When the piercing is done there is a small-scale puncturing needle which is used and there is not a lot of pain because there are no real nerve endings around where the piercing is done. 

It’s up to you to decide exactly where you want the piercing to be done and you can talk to the person doing it to determine the exact place or the recommended area to have this sort of piercing done.

Forward Helix Piercings

When you have a forward piercing done this is a very unique type of ear piercing. this is a very trendy ear piercing and it’s perfect to meet your own individual style.  there is not a lot of Maintenance to be done after you have this sort of piercing done so there is less recovery time.

The forward helix piercing is about the same as you would get with a normal helix piercing it’s just lower or what is called at the root of the helix. You can use this type of piercing with a wide variety of jewelry. There are many types of forward helix fashion jewelry such as studs and other types of jewelry that you can get.

Tragus Piercing

Another type of piercing is called the tragus piercing. If you look at the ear and right above the earlobe there is a harder section of the ear which we call the tragus. This area is located before the ear canal. The area is made out of main cartilage and it feels hard, but you can’t bend it. You can usually get this sort of piercing without any problems whatsoever.

If you have a slim one, then you might not be able to have this sort of piercing done. It might be too thin to support the weight of the jewelry you want to have. The piercer that you have doing this work can tell you if you’re able to have this sort of piercing or not.

The size and the thickness of the tragus area is going to determine if you can have the piercing done. If you’re able to have a successful one, there are many different types of jewelry that you can wear.

Anti-Tragus Piercing

One type of piercing that is similar to tragus piercing is called anti-tragus piercing. And this area is a piece of cartilage. If you put your fingertip on the tragus area there will be a notch there and on the other side of this notch is the antitragus.

This area is usually triangular shaped and it’s very easy for you to locate. When this piercing is done it may take you some time to recover but this will vary depending on the individual. The area will have to be cleaned and the person doing your piercing will tell you how to keep the area sanitary. it will take you around 6 months to about a year to fully recover

Conch Piercing

When you have a conch piercing done, this is another type of cartilage piercing. The middle area of the year will be pierced during this procedure as it’s the area that contains the most ear cartilage.

In most cases, there is an internal or an external one done and the person doing the piercing will get the year ready for the procedure. Disinfectant is used as this reduces the chances of any infection. The area will be noted with a marker or a pen and then the person doing a piercing will make the placement as exact as it possibly can be.

It must be quite exact, or you may not like the look of the conch piercing once it’s done. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete this entire procedure

Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing sounds like it would be some sort of advanced piercing but it’s really just an ordinary type of piercing.

This is a type of piercing that lies just on the ear. other piercings use a single opening, but this type will use two openings which go through the ear cartilage. The two openings are usually linked with a type of barbell jewelry. 

some of these industrial piercings may go across the top of your earlobe and they might run up the right side of the ear and not in a horizontal fashion. This is usually a set of piercings which will be done and then everything is connected together with a piece of jewelry.

One puncture is usually done on the forward helix area and then another one on the contrary side of the year. There are many different styles of jewelry that you can use when you have this sort of piercing it done.

Snug Piercing

Snug piercing is usually quite distinctive. This is usually located on an internal cartilage area and it will be part way down the external rim of your ear.

The area that is done in is quite shallow and the area is located above the antitragus. Many types of mini fashion jewelry are used when you have a snug piercing that completed.

The area is quite shallow and thin, and the cartilage is easy to puncture so it’s a perfect area for a piercing to be done. This is a very common types of ear piercings done and it’s done worldwide. The recovery time is quite quick, and most people will have the sort of piercing done as the first one that they get done.

Transverse Lobe Piercing

The earlobe is punctured when this sort of piercing is done. It’s different from regular earlobe puncturing where the puncturing is done horizontally with the earlobe. This puncturing will go in a lengthy way flat through the earlobe.

A large piercing hole is created, and this area will hold many different types of fashion jewelry. The entire procedure is almost pain-free as a piercing won’t go through cartilage material. It’s a quick procedure to have done and you don’t have much discomfort. There is no need for clamps in the piercing is usually done hands-free.

Daith Piercing

Many people consider this type of piercing to be quite striking. There is usually a 16 or 14 scale ring that is used. The ring is a small diameter, so it fits easily in the conch of your earlobe.

Rings are usually done for this type of piercing and it’s important to have a professional to do this for you. When the piercing is done in the right way it’s very distinctive. You need to have a professional do this type of piercing because it’s a difficult one to accomplish in the right way.

You will need to rest at least 6 months when you have it done. It’s advisable that you only have one ear done at a time because you’ll need the other ear to talk on the phone and do other tasks and you can’t have both ears being sensitive at the same time.

Auricle Piercing

The auricle Opening is pierced in this procedure. This area is the outer position of the ear and this is between the earlobe and the helix.

This area is perfect for showing off various types of fashion jewelry and it’s considered a fad among many young individuals. Since the cartilage will be punctured, you can have some ear discomfort when you have this piercing done.

You may have discomfort such as bruising, swelling, or bleeding, but the symptoms will usually disappear within a couple of weeks. It’s important to have a qualified individual to do this piercing for you.

Rook Piercing

This piercing will target the reduced components of your anti Helix which is above the tragus of your earlobe. this piercing is usually thought of as a relative to The Snug piercing. when you have restricted bead rings, or rounded barbells as your jewelry option this puncturing can look quite amazing

Orbital Piercing

This is a type of piercing that will get in and also exit from the same part of your earlobe. This is comprised of two puncturing holes and one ring will undergo both of the piercings.

These can be placed through the ear but sometimes they are located in the helix. You can have both of these piercings done at once or sometimes they are pierced separately. It’s also possible to transform a single ear piercing into an orbital one as you can include one or more piercings which are nearby.

Smooth section rings, or spear closer rings are usually used when you have an orbital piercing done. you need to clean this piercing around two times each day and you cannot swim or submerge it in water until the area is fully healed.

Pinna Piercing

This type of puncturing is usually done on the top part of the external ear rim. It’s quite similar to auricle style ear piercing just higher up on your earlobe.

It’s a preferred types of ear piercing because this can be enhanced by using hoops, rings, or bars. The puncturing will be done on the top area of your ear helix. he healing will be about the same as other cartilage type piercings. The person doing the piercing it will sterilize this area and then note the area where the piercing is done.

Once you have agreed to the area that has to be pierced a needle will go through the area that’s been marked and then the jewelry will be placed there. You will usually recover in a short duration once the piercing is completed.

Scaffold Piercing

When scaffold piercing is done the top area of the year will be pierced in two different areas. This is done so a bar can cover the ear and anchoring can be done by using a round stop on the ends of the bar.

You should only have one ear done at a time because you’ll need some recovery time. will be sterilized needle which is used to develop piercing openings. A straight barbell will be used and stay in place to help with healing and preserve the angle of the piercing, so the healing process can take place.

Ear Piercing in General

The person doing the piercing will give you some guidelines as to what to do prior to having your ears pierced but there are several things that you can do beforehand.

You should research fully the type of piercing you want to have done to ensure it’s something that you want. You should wait the plus and minuses of having this type of piercing done so you’re not disappointed and don’t get something you will regret later on.

You should also ensure that the person that is doing the piercing is qualified to do it because this is still a procedure that can cause some discomfort and pain depending upon the type of piercing that is done. You should discuss the procedure with the professional before the work is carried out.

It’s not a good idea to seek out the cheapest price as you want a qualified professional to complete the work and it may cost you a little extra to have it done. It can be well worth it to spend a bit more to ensure that the piercings you have done are the best that they can be.

If you have the work done by a specialist you’re going to get the best results and you’ll have something that’s not only going to suit your budget but is going to look great and it will be something you can enjoy for years to come.

Make sure you show up on time for the piercing and you might want to take someone with you to help comfort you before you have the procedure done.  

Once the work is done you will begiven information on how to care for your piercing at home. In most cases, the procedure is not going to hurt, although for some types of piercing there can be some discomfort, so you can discuss this with the professional.

The length of time that it takes for the years to heal will all depend on the type of puncture that you had done.

Types of ear piercings.

Jewelry Options

You have a wide choice in the type of jewelry that you can have for your ears. You may go with silver, gold, Platinum, blended steel, and many other options you should have a good idea of what you want before you decide upon jewelry to put in your ears after you have the procedure done.

Many people will start with a surgical stainless-steel type piece of jewelry because this reduces the chances of infection for a first piercing.


It’s important that you talk to the specialist before you have the ear piercing done so you understand the full procedure. You’re going to want to have a basic idea of the types of jewelry that you like so you can discuss this with the person doing the piercing and they can give you piercing options.

There are so many different types of piercings that you can have done so you want to have one that you’re going to be happy with once the procedure is completed.You will love the fact that you have something that you can call your own when you have a piercing done. You’ll be able to showcase your own individual style and show off your love for jewelry when you have your ears pierced.

Types of Ear Piercings


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